Prepare for the Unexpected

Install a fire suppression system to mitigate potential fire damage

If a fire begins in your business, battling it with a fire extinguisher might not be enough to stop it. The fire could race through your property and cause widespread damage before a fire truck arrives. You can prevent this by adding a fire suppression system to the building.

Watchmen Security installs fire suppression systems in a variety of commercial buildings. We can set up a system designed to:

  • Detect fire as soon as it begins
  • Alert you to the fire
  • Extinguish the fire quickly
  • Contain the fire to slow or halt the spread
We'll tailor the system to your building, its use and its potential fire hazards. Contact us today to explore the options.

Is your building up to code?

As a business owner, you're required to meet certain state and local standards for fire safety. If you need to make changes in order to meet code requirements and pass inspection, you can work with us. We'll be happy to install fire extinguishers and make other additions to your building. Reach out to us today to find out more about what we can do for you.